About Us

The emergence of industrial wireless sensor networking standards is creating a need for core system-level stack software -- a fundamental requirement for building wireless industrial instrumentation and infrastructure. Yet stack software is expensive to develop and difficult to make interoperable.

To address this issue, several leading enterprises in the industrial instrumentation, wireless components, and software development industries have come together to form the non-profit Wireless Industrial Technology Konsortium (WiTECK - with Konsortium spelled in the German manner to emphasize our international focus).

WiTECK is an open, member-driven group. Our consortium structure means that companies share the development risk and expense of writing complicated software stacks, and that Intellectual Property policies are predefined and acknowledged as a condition of membership. For details, please see the Organization page.

Our mission is to provide a portfolio of reliable, cost-effective, high-quality core enabling system software for industrial wireless sensing applications under a company- and platform-neutral umbrella. We will develop, promote and distribute software communication stacks and supporting products for process control and factory automation worldwide -- in a timeframe consistent with market needs, and at a lower cost than could be provided by third parties or internal company development teams.

Our goals are ambitious, our commitment is strong and our energy level is high! Learn more about our work.