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Any company that is actively engaged in the development of wireless technology for industrial sensor networking, or is waiting for standards to be completed, should take a look at WiTECK membership.  By joining WiTECK, you will help drive the development of software stacks that will be available sooner and carry less risk than those from an individual company.  You will have advance, inside knowledge of new WiTECK projects, giving you a jump on planning and marketing your product offerings, and you will have input into selecting these new projects.

WiTECK is an open, member-driven consortium with two membership classes: Promoter Members, who pay significant initiation fees and annual membership dues subsequently and receive broad benefits, and Adopter Members, with no initiation fee, lesser dues, and narrower benefits.  Promoter Members are also encouraged to work together to define additional stack development projects for creation under the WiTECK umbrella.

We are now actively seeking new Promoter and Adopter Members: join us!