Our Work

WiTECK projects are intended to serve the wireless automation marketplace in both process and factory automation and control.  The anticipated projects are all "embedded" in nature: the resultant software will be used as a component of a complete product to be marketed by a member company.

The Project

The first development project is a stack based on the WirelessHART portion of the HART 7 standard.  WirelessHART is currently the only published and internationally standardized specification for operating industrial wireless sensor networks for the process industry.  Our Promoter members are typically HART Communication Technology members and supporters, and they are developing products or technologies around the specification.  

Multiple sources of commercial software is advisable for the standard's long-term success.  Each founding member contributed assets to fund the implementation of the WirelessHART stack.

We released the first deliverables in 2010 and continue the development integrating new functionality into the stack. Softing is a licensing Agent authorized to sell WiTECK products to non-members.

WITECK received the HART compliance registration for our reference hardware implementation (WITECK STARTER KIT). By basing new OEM design on an already registered design, device implementers will gain a significant time-to-market advantage as well as reduced risk.

What's Next

There are many extensions to WirelessHART that could be undertaken in future, as well as development efforts for other new standards.  All new projects will be selected by the membership and approved by the Board of Directors.